Clubber - Meet! Party! Have Fun!


Who doesn't like Parties? Who doesn't like Night Life? Clubber connects you with new people who like to go to your favorite night clubs and other party spots.

Clubber is an exclusive community to bring people together who like going out at night and visit high end bars, night clubs or other party spots in the city. If you are up to meeting charming, fascinating new people in your favorite night clubs and have new adventures in the glamorous city life Clubber is the application for you.

Clubber lets you search all the top night clubs in the glamorous cities around the world like New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai etc. Simply search for a city and all the fascinating new people who like to party in the top night life places in that city will appear immediately for you to meet.

To get the party started in Clubber, men send Champagne to women and women reciprocate with a Kiss. Once a Kiss and a Champagne come together the app matches the two people and their private lounge opens for chat. If you don't want to wait for a Champaign or a Kiss you can always open a lounge yourself directly.

Clubber has a strict community administration with 24/7 customer service and is 100% safe.

Feel the New Global Night Life Experience with Clubber!